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org::jmock::api::Invocation Class Reference

Inherits org::hamcrest::SelfDescribing.

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Detailed Description

The static details about a method and the run-time details of its invocation.


Definition at line 21 of file Invocation.java.

Public Member Functions

Object applyTo (Object target) throws Throwable
void checkReturnTypeCompatibility (final Object value)
void describeTo (Description description)
boolean equals (Invocation other)
boolean equals (Object other)
Method getInvokedMethod ()
Object getInvokedObject ()
Object getParameter (int i)
int getParameterCount ()
Object[] getParametersAsArray ()
int hashCode ()
 Invocation (Object invoked, Method method, Object...parameterValues)
String toString ()

Static Public Attributes

static final Object[] NO_PARAMETERS = null

Private Member Functions

void failIfReturnTypeIsNotNull (final Object result)
void failIfReturnTypeIsPrimitive ()
boolean isBoxedType (Class<?> primitiveType, Class<?> referenceType)
boolean isCompatible (Class<?> returnType, Class<?> valueType)
void reportTypeError (Class<?> returnType, Class<?> valueType)

Private Attributes

final Method invokedMethod
final Object invokedObject
final Object[] parameterValues

Static Private Attributes

static final Map< Class
<?>, Class<?> > 

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