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org::jmock::integration::junit3::JUnit3Mockery Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for org::jmock::integration::junit3::JUnit3Mockery:


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Detailed Description

A Mockery that reports expectation errors as JUnit 3 test failures.


Definition at line 10 of file JUnit3Mockery.java.

Public Member Functions

void addExpectation (Expectation expectation)
void assertIsSatisfied ()
void checking (ExpectationBuilder expectations)
void describeTo (Description description)
Sequence sequence (String name)
void setDefaultResultForType (Class<?> type, Object result)
void setExpectationErrorTranslator (ExpectationErrorTranslator expectationErrorTranslator)
void setImposteriser (Imposteriser imposteriser)
void setNamingScheme (MockObjectNamingScheme namingScheme)
States states (String name)

Package Functions

public< T > T mock (Class< T > typeToMock, String name)
public< T > T mock (Class< T > typeToMock)

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