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org::jmock::integration::junit3::MockObjectTestCase Class Reference

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Detailed Description

A junit.framework.TestCase that supports testing with mock objects. It wraps a org.jmock.Mockery and automatically asserts that all expectations have been met at the end of the test before junit.framework.TestCase#tearDown() is called.


Definition at line 18 of file MockObjectTestCase.java.

Public Member Functions

void addVerifier (Runnable verifier)
void checking (ExpectationBuilder expectations)
 MockObjectTestCase (String name)
void runBare () throws Throwable
Sequence sequence (String name)
void setDefaultResultForType (Class<?> type, Object result)
void setImposteriser (Imposteriser imposteriser)
void setNamingScheme (MockObjectNamingScheme namingScheme)
States states (String name)
void verify ()

Package Functions

 [instance initializer]
public< T > T mock (Class< T > typeToMock)
public< T > T mock (Class< T > typeToMock, String name)

Private Attributes

final Mockery context = new Mockery()

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