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org::jmock::internal::InvocationExpectation Class Reference

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Detailed Description

An expectation of zero or more matching invocations.



Definition at line 21 of file InvocationExpectation.java.

Public Member Functions

void addOrderingConstraint (OrderingConstraint orderingConstraint)
void addSideEffect (SideEffect sideEffect)
boolean allowsMoreInvocations ()
void describeTo (Description description)
Object invoke (Invocation invocation) throws Throwable
boolean isSatisfied ()
boolean matches (Invocation invocation)
void setAction (Action action)
void setCardinality (Cardinality cardinality)
void setMethodMatcher (Matcher< Method > methodMatcher)
void setObjectMatcher (Matcher<?> objectMatcher)
void setParametersMatcher (Matcher< Object[]> parametersMatcher)

Private Member Functions

boolean isInCorrectOrder ()
void performSideEffects ()

Private Attributes

Action action = new VoidAction()
Cardinality cardinality = Cardinality.ALLOWING
int invocationCount = 0
Matcher< Method > methodMatcher = IsAnything.anything("<any method>")
Matcher<?> objectMatcher = IsAnything.anything()
List< OrderingConstraint > orderingConstraints = new ArrayList<OrderingConstraint>()
Matcher< Object[]> parametersMatcher = IsAnything.anything("(<any parameters>)")
List< SideEffectsideEffects = new ArrayList<SideEffect>()

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