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Object org::jmock::internal::InvocationExpectation::invoke ( Invocation  invocation  )  throws Throwable [inline]

Invokes the expectation: records that the invocation has occurred and fakes some behaviour in response.

invocation The invocation to record and fake.
A result that is eventually returned from the method call that caused the invocation.
Throwable An exception that is eventually thrown from the method call that caused the invocation.
IllegalStateException The expectation has been invoked with a method that it doesn't match or the faked behaviour has been set up incorrectly. For example, IllegalStateException is thrown when trying to return a value or throw a checked exception that is incompatible with the return type of the method being mocked

Implements org::jmock::api::Expectation.

Definition at line 111 of file InvocationExpectation.java.

References org::jmock::api::Invokable::invoke().

            final Object result = action.invoke(invocation);
        return result;

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