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org::jmock::lib::CamelCaseNamingScheme Class Reference

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Detailed Description

A naming scheme in which the implicit name for a mock object is the mocked type's name with the first character in lower case. E.g. A mock object of type HelloWorld would be named "helloWorld". Initial acronyms are completely lowercased. For example, the type HTTPClient would be named httpClient.

This is the naming scheme used by default.


Definition at line 16 of file CamelCaseNamingScheme.java.

Public Member Functions

String defaultNameFor (Class<?> typeToMock)

Static Public Attributes

static final CamelCaseNamingScheme INSTANCE = new CamelCaseNamingScheme()

Private Member Functions

int indexOfFirstLowerCaseLetter (String simpleName)

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